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Hey, I moved across town. Check me out in my new digs here!

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. . . does it make a sound?


Unless you count the cacophonous army of voices in my head telling me that I have nothing to offer the world and that - try as I might - I will never manage to convince people that what I have to say should be of any interest to them.

Don't feel guilty though. Those voices always find something to complain about. If it weren't my lack of readership they'd be reaming me out over not doing all that I could be to make things right in the world, letting my laundry pile up, pairing shirts and pants that don't match, not changing the Britta filter etc.

No people, I'm not looking for pity. At this point I'm just looking for a reader or two. And if there are voices keeping you up at night you might just manage to silence them by helping a brother out.

So now that I have your attention . . . uh. Jeez I forgot what it was that I was going to say. . . something more about my upcoming web comic series "Drawn Out Therapy". I'm still not certain how to start it up. It's important to me that it's something people can relate to and actually want to read. It seems that entertainment media is clogged with the voices of 20- to 30-something-year-old men who are finding themselves a bit lost in life, trying to make sense of it all and spinning it into some sort of art as a way of convincing themselves that it's not all for nought, that this is the stuff of life from whence great art springs.

So I don't really want to add to this mix. One way I am conceiving of this project is like a reverse 'Dear Abby' where I draw comics about the things I am struggling with, readers write back with suggestions and then I work those suggestions into the drawings. I'm excited about that approach and the idea of making this all a bit more interactive.

Anyhow, stay tuned for more news on that as well as the imminent launch of the new website.

Until then, cheers.

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Hello again world,

While navigating the turbid waters of the World Wide Web it's easy to find yourself lost, helplessly paddling through dozens of cross currents, each steering you with equal strength towards buying one brand of male enhancement pill or another.

Every so often, if you let go, however, you find yourself somewhere nice for a change. In May of this year I launched www.davidostow.com my own little cabin along one of the Web's more peacefully flowing tributaries. If you found yourself there in the past few months, it's either because I told you to go or - as in the scenario described above - your travels somehow brought you there for better or for worse.

Well, let me assure you that, should you find yourself by my way again sometime soon, it will likely be for the better. You see, I'm refurbishing. With the help of the talented Little Willow (for whom I don't have a link but I should) this process should take only a few more weeks. This is all to say that if you've visited my site more than once within the past 3 months and noticed there have been no updates, news items, postings etc., please forgive and forget. And have faith. A more dynamic more regularly maintained site is in the works.

I'd also like to announce a new series I'm hoping to feature either here at the blog or at the new site itself, tentatively titled 'Drawn Out Therapy'. This year has been tough for all of us but particularly so for the neurotic. Whether it be a career-related issue, a matter having to do with my social life, a romantic problem, a health issue or - most often- a combination of all of the above, I've seen my share of emotionally trying situations these past few months. And as stressful as they can be I often find myself, amidst one or the other of these trials or tribulations, thinking "There's something really funny about this. I have to work this into a comic or something."

I've found the notion that each one of these emotional sore spots holds within it a potential treasure trove of humor in a way therapeutic. When the heat is on high and I feel too depressed to work I fall further and further inward. But - and I'm told that all of the greatest artists have done this so don't think I fancy myself original - if I use this dark stuff that sometimes seems to be oozing through the pores of my existence, if I swim through it and find among it fodder for something humorous to draw, something people can relate to, well, maybe that alone will be enough to make me feel better. And it should be substantially cheaper than actually seeing a therapist. I'm already in the red there.

So please, continue to read the blog, leave comments. I'll let you know when the new site is up and running and
when I launch the first installment of Drawn Out Therapy.

Hope eveyone's doing fine, d

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So, as I mentioned last time I'm looking to post these entries with more and more frequency.  I've sat by and watched the world waiting on bated  breath too long. 

A lot of these posts will be links to other sites, most often admittedly, to self-promotional online content.  For example,  I learned about this yesterday:


(You'll have to scroll down to see why I'm excited)

It's not a huge huge huge honor but it's an honor nonetheless, an affirmation to my eternally self-doubting ego that people are responding to my drawings.  You like me!  You really really like me.

On an unrelated note I just finished Margaret Atwood's Year of the Flood recently and I believe it's essential to anyone who either loves beautiful writing and amazing storytelling and / or anyone who gives two cents for the state of our planet.  The book, which is a companion piece to Atwood's 200(2?) novel Oryx and Crake has a wonderful interactive website, www.year of the flood.com.  There you can read interviews with the author, learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and so much more which it would be difficult to explain to someone who has not read the book yet.  

That's all for now.
Stay tuned for updates on the website!

cheers, d

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Hello audience! audience! dience! ience! ence!

That's the sound of my voice echoing through the empty chambers of cyberspace as I can only imagine that the small readership it took me months to accrue have all packed up and left by now.   For anyone still out there, I'm sorry for the long hiatus.  After winding down promotion for So Punk Rock, I came back to the once tightly knit fabric of my life - responsibilities, professional and otherwise, friendships, dry cleaning etc. - to find it splayed out like the torn-up guts of a stuffed animal that's been pelted mercilessly by paintballs.   

So much for waxing poetic about my laziness.  I'm posting today to get the ball rolling again.   Two items of note: 

1) I have been working on updating my website with the aid of the very talented Little Willow.   No definite launch date yet but once that's in place I'm hoping it will give me a better framework for keeping me-related news fresh and relevant on the web. 

2)  I'm working on a comic short that will appear in its entiretu at the website http://www.myjewishlearning.com/
For the time being the first two pages are posted as an entry in the Jewish Authors Blog.  Please check it out at


My sister Micol, my mentor and collaborator on So Punk Rock is also contributing some work to the blog this week.  Go and check out what she has to say!

More news to come on the website as it gets closer to completion. 

To anyone who's still reading I thank you.  And I will try not to let you down in the future!

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I was pretty preoccupied, trying to make sure everything went off as well as possible.  The problem is, the more preoccupied you allow yourself to be, the less you can really take in the vibe yourself and experience the party for the good time it is.  But even through the fretful haze produced by the overly analytical machinery of my mind, I could see that people appeared to be having a good time.  Thanks to all my friends who came out to support me, all Micol's friends who came out to support her, and everybody in between who came out to support us both and to have a great time.  

Special thanks to the Kimballs for two great sets of live music.  I couldn't think of a more punk rock soundtrack for the night. 

Thanks also to Nicole Emmons for taking some great pictures.

Thanks to Dan Salomon for all his help putting this thing together and for the SPR trailer. 

Pictures below:

Dan and Me SPR Party

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We ran out of the cat's standard, veterinarian-recommended diet food a few days ago.  We probably should have been more responsible about picking up some more but . . . meh.

Anyhow, we have been feeding her Science Diet which, by all indications, is a lot tastier than this other stuff.  Ever since we made the switch the cat just sits by her bowl and meows every time we pass by, like a junky begging on a busy corner.  

My favorite thing about Science Diet is how they advertise that their formula is made with real science or something like that.  I suppose this is to distinguish it from the multitude of cat foods on the market that are produced via some combination of alchemy and sorcerer's magic.  (If there were such a cat food, that is the one I would surely be buying, if only for curiosity's sake).  Science Diet also offers a money back guarantee which applies if you OR your cat are dissatisfied.  If all the cats who eat this stuff become as addicted as ours, I can understand how they stand so firmly behind their product .  But I do wonder what they're putting in there.  

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Go to www.fluxnow.com!  They are running a So Punk Rock related contest.  First prize, a copy of the book, the latest cd by up-and-coming Atlanta-based JEWISH punk band Can!!!Can, and original art by your's truly!  Awesome runner up prizes too!

Go now! Fluxnow!

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 Hi loyal readers, 

I'm sorry my posts have been so few and far between lately.  With Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, not to mention my own website to focus on in the name of publicity for the book (LESS THAN A MONTH NOW!) blogging has fallen somewhat by the wayside.  

This posting comes after about 2 weeks of attempting to troubleshoot some quirks on davidostow.com.  iWeb, which seemed like a godsend when I first discovered it has taken to playing such pranks on me as rendering all hyperlinked text invisible and rendering all hyperlinked images non-functioning.  I visited the Apple Store on 14th Street the other day (which feels more like a cult headquarters than a store. Does anyone else remember the days when you could recognize a store as a room with walls plastered with merchandise and a salesman who greeted customers with a hearty if not always sincere "Hi there, is there something I can I help you with?")

The 14th Street Apple Store occupies 3 vast floors of a refurbished industrial building. To get from one floor to the next you walk up a wide circular acrylic staircase (one of Apple's cool shticks is that their retail environment and their product are both clear and minimal).  The stair is a study in form saying 'to hell with function, we've got an image to uphold".  With risers maybe 5" tall instead of the standard 7" and treads over a foot deep as opposed to say the 11" accepted norm, this funhouse-refugee of a circulation device promises a clunky and self-conscious ascent to the sanctified elevated abode of that modern oracle, the Genius Bar.  Luckily, the landings are wide enough that if you need to stop and camp on your journey there is plenty of room for you and your Sherpa to sprawl out.  

Once you exit the staircase don't expect to find a room full of merchandise ripe for hours of browsing.  Instead, walk (again self-consciously) through a "sales floor" containing nothing but minimal-modern wood tabletops with laptops set up presumably for demos or other interactive experiences.  You'll never find out exactly what they're for because these computers are constantly occupied by iEnthusiasts who don't seem to have jobs.  Anyhow, pass through this strange experiment in the retail-as-product to find a small swath of wall surface, maybe 40% of which has actual product on display.  If you want to know more about any of this product, don't wait for an employee to register the look of confused helplessness on your face.  Instead approach the duo of red tee shirted young men with the signature backstage pass-looking thingies dangling from their necks that mark them as employees of the Mac machine.  They may resent your interrupting their conversation but once they realize that ignoring you isn't work they'll be forced to look down their noses at you just long enough to let you know that if you have a technical question you'd do best to solicit the advice of a similar bevy of men in blue tees ( I guess blue trumps red - at least we know where Steve Jobs falls in the debate over Picasso's early career.)

The blue-shirted chaps will let you stammer for about half a minute before they tell you that the only way to know exactly what is wrong with your computer is to make an appointment at the 'Genius Bar.'  Thanks a mil.  

I had never intended for this posting to turn into a diatribe on the Mac shopping experience.  I guess it simply tapped into the designer / consumer within me that is leery of retail environments (or 'stores' for the lay person) that pretend to be anything but what they are. Yes, we live in a fast-paced world where the process of globalization as well as the rapid progress of technology promise to break boundaries that were for millennia taken for granted and to transform our environments (both real and virtual) in ways we can't predict.  But business is still business, a store is still a store (be it online or existing in the concrete material world) and I know a marketing ploy when I see one.  

But, oh yeah, the real point of this email.  davidostow.com is up but there are glitches and I am also having trouble uploading new files to replace the old as new news comes in and old news recedes into the past.  So please bear with me as I work on these problems and check this here blog for news and other rants similar to the above.

Until next time. . .


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I know the title of this posting doesn't make sense.  This will be a quick one but I only added the parenthetic text because I like it when I can use musical references in my posting titles and I was so close on this one from the Who that I threw caution to the wind and just went forward with it.  

I have been away though, preparing for the release of So Punk Rock, working on my own website and doing a million other little things to promote this labor of love.  

I come back to LiveJournal a Prodigal Son of sorts.  While making my own website I thought - wouldn't it be great to condense my entire web-presence?  It was then that I got the idea to use iWeb's blog template.  Only now do I realize the value of site like LiveJournal. Setting up a blog that's worth a dang proved difficult (for me) using the otherwise very simple and elegant web design software that came with my Mac.  The biggest problem was figuring out how to allow guests to comment (This is for the one or two of you who have been loyal commentators for some time (thanks Steve and Micol).  

That is the latest.  I'll be linking my website to this blog and continuing on as if I'd never left.  Call it a new beginning.  


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